SYNCON Planning


The SYNCON conferencing system, co-created by Barbara Marx Hubbard, opens up a new proven process of synergistic co-creative planning for local communities, nations, global organizations and any group seeking to develop collaborative solutions to complex problems and to co-create without silos, walls, or borders. Similar to charrettes, but more profound and consciously minded, SYNCONS stimulate immediate impulses that create cross-sector solutions and new patterns for short-term and evolutionary success.

Traditionally, the SYNCON was designed as a face-to-face activity and took place in meeting spaces, community centers, and office buildings. Today, technology has allowed the co-creative process to blossom without limitation into an infinite global network of creative possibility. Project ideas are birthed within the wheelhouse of various individual vocational sectors and once identified are immediately presented to the whole, transcending traditional barriers. It is in this step that these creative solutions are made whole by offerings from co-creators in other vocational sectors. SYNCONS capture the momentum of our innate co-creativity and break the bonds of silos and barriers often found in outdated modes of planning. SYNCONS empower co-creative impulses for the conscious evolutionary potential of humans on this planet.

THE WHEEL OF CO-CREATION (Barbara Marx Hubbard) used in a SYNCON.



On March 14, 2019, the first globally scaled, internet-based SYNCON was successfully conducted with a group of global leaders in the EVOLUTIONARY AMBASSADOR ACADEMY, hosted by Humanity’s Team and led by Barbara Marx Hubbard with Stephen Dynako, Cynthia Bledsoe, Mark Schaeffer, and Kathy Sipple.

Cynthia Bledsoe and BLUE STAGE GROUP offer SYNCON facilitation, planning and management services to groups energized to engage in this dynamic co-creative collaborative planning process.