Nonprofits, Social Enterprises & Conscious Businesses

The Standards for Excellence Institute© is a national initiative established to promote and award seals of achievement for the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness, and accountability in nonprofit governance, management, and operations, and to help all nonprofit organizations meet these high benchmarks.

Conscious Businesses and Social Enterprises express their essential core values through their work and promote and invest in the pursuit of generosity and happiness for the greater good. Cynthia W. Bledsoe is available to mentor organizations interested in developing core values or increasing their capacity as conscious businesses.

SYNCON, a conferencing system, co-created by Barbara Marx Hubbard, is a proven process of synergistic co-creative planning for local communities, nations, global organizations and any group of any size seeking to develop collaborative solutions to complex problems and to co-create without silos, walls, or borders. Similar to charrettes, but more profound and consciously minded, SYNCON events stimulate immediate impulses that create cross-sector solutions and new patterns for short-term and evolutionary success. Cynthia Bledsoe is a passionate advocate and experienced facilitator for this globally emerging co-creative planning system.

As a Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant, Cynthia W. Bledsoe mentors nonprofit organizations through the national certification process and helps staff, board members, and volunteers attain a higher level of ethics and accountability in internal processes and external interactions.  Individualized coaching and training eases the path to accreditation and all the rewards it brings. Research shows that organizations can expect to increase their resource and revenue generation in the year following accreditation as a result of increased public trust and a strengthened capacity to meet the stated purpose of the organization. Organizations may apply for full accreditation OR pace their progress using a tiered recognition process. Combined support of institute staff and your licensed consultant will ensure you receive the resources you need to implement and adapt these best practices and policies to strengthen your nonprofit organization. Together, through the code, we make the sector stronger, increase our overall capacity to meet the needs expressed in our missions and do so in a way that supports sustainability.

The Standards for Excellence ® : An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector provides benchmarks in 27 separate topics under the following six areas of management and governance:







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