Customer Service

Just be human. It goes a long way.

My Customer Service experience with ReadingGlasses.com today is a powerful example of how to turn your mistake into customer service that works for you, not against you, and is deserving of public applause, appreciation and time on your next staff meeting agenda. Their response to their mistake was warm, funny and offered me value while taking responsibility. How they dealt with this had a lot to do with me accepting their offer. In fact, my experience left me feeling more positive about their brand than before the mistake occurred. Thank you Reading Glasses! So, the next time you feel like flying off the handle or delivering a one-sided, Corporate Response, stop and ask yourself, “What would a human do?”

Their message to me today:

Ms Bledsoe,

Well, it appears that we are quite human.

A recent typo listed the price of the Millicent Bryce 126 single vision at $5.00, instead of the usual and correct $xx.xx. Sorry about that.

Naturally, we can’t sell a product for a fraction of what it cost us, but if you’d still like to continue with this selection, we will, for this instance, sell it to you at half price—just $xx.xx.

Hopefully, you see that as us being humane as well as human. And due to that deep-seated humanity, rest assured that the offending typoist will not remain in the stocks in our lobby to be publicly ridiculed for more than 2 weeks. Too lenient? Possibly. But afterwards, he will have to wear a name tag of “H. Simpson” for a yet to be determined period of time.

We’re really very sorry about the typo and any excessive salivating it may have caused. We hope you’re happy with the half-off offer and forgive our mistake. If so, just respond to this email and let us know. We’ll put your order through with the $(half price) and get it out to you today.


(Actual Person’s Name was signed here)
Human in Charge